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170299624866 - Silver Rose Colloidal Silver Water with fine mist spray

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So you say you don't know anything about colloidal silver water...

welll you can fix that reading on our site, and other great places on the web.

The interesting thing is that Silver water... which is what it is... is branded with drug paraphernalia, and that’s not right.  I have had extensive first hand experience with it.  It is indispensable for my family, pets and garden.    A “super antibiotic”  by the definition of what it does for your body and it’s action therein, I am so tired of the human condition being about profit and not healing.

Available through Clear Springs Press, http://www.clspress.com/silver.html, it is an objective and science based e-book (out of print otherwise) 140 pages long, of interesting and objective facts that can (and wear by me) cross verified.  If you go to amazon.com and type in colloidal silver you will find other good resources, some of which I have read and are not as comprehensive as Mr. Hill’s book.

The bottom line is, as I was saying,  I have first hand experience with the amazing quality that pure colloidal silver water has.  A short list of things I have experience with include:


            As silver water attacks all manner of bacterial and fungal conditions it is not surprising that my energy is up as well.   Even mild chronic secondary infections can cause stress overall and reduce immunities and have a “dragging down” effect.

            I encourage people to make their own generators.  You don’t need to buy from me, or even take my word for it.  I do sell silver water, but my price is a fraction of what others are selling it for.  I don’t know their quality, I only know mine.  We double test before and after… well you can read that elsewhere.  This really isn’t about me selling you, just informing you.  The choice is yours.
I just feel like people owe it to themselves, their family and the world, to look for ways to reduce suffering and increase strength and longevity so that maybe then we can turn our healing skills to the world around us which is desperate need of our caring, compassion and vitality.

I encourage you to at least check out amazon.com, (for availability and price) for books, generator supplies and yes, even silver water.   Buy a hanna pure water tester.  It tests for impurities in ppm (parts per million) you can test you drinking water and any silver products you buy.  That way if the ppm are too high or too low, you know you are dealing with an inferior or fraudulent product.

Frankly, it is not difficult to achieve consistent and good results in your own home.  But maybe you don’t need to supply for a dozen people.   I just know I have seen it beat pneumonia in a vulnerable child with a repressed immune system and she hasn’t been ill more than a day since her mother discovered it. 

Now, results in stubborn infections may very, but it will help and it will help a lot.  So does good nutrition, plenty of water, sleep and herbalism is an absolutely wonderful component of overall health and vitality.

The important thing here is to read, educate yourself.  Save your resources, keep accurate records of what you read, mostly so you can help others.  A world transformation won’t be done by a few key politicians, it will be done by all of us: getting up each day, doing our best and helping those around us as much as we can.


I was upset about EBAY’s attitude, given the amount of clearly stolen, illegal, fraudulent, misrepresented items it has.  It is also a huge marketplace so that’s why so many of us go back there.   I understand there is a quality of trying to protect people, but the healing power of silver and a clear understanding as to what problems can arise through improper manufacture (adding salts for instance, to speed the process, can destabilize it, because it changes the chemical compounds that are in suspension.  Easy solution:  don’t use anything but reverse osmosis purified water and fine silver (NOT sterling) and you will have a consistent healing product everytime.) are well documented for anyone who takes the time to self educate.

I wish you well on your journey, check back and I will try and have more related links and how to’s up to help.

Censorship and Fear: Another blow to Homeopathy

written by T.J. Phoenix
Copyright 2009

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Copeland's Cure: Hardback copies start at $2.45 (last check) at Amazon.com.

No I don't make a "kick back." And it's not really about silver, but it is about natural medicine, the FDA and the hypocrisy of fools.


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